Operation Earnest Voice

We're an online influencing agency.

We Engineer Consent.

We Model and Profile Your Adversaries.

We Guarantee Engagement.

We have the power of persuasion to make a difference.

No one knows we exist, and that’s a good thing.

Operation Earnest Voice

Operation Earnest Voice is an online influencing agency. During 10th – 13th we’re setting up our Brexit Division office on the third floor of The Photographers' Gallery in central London. Our office will be accessible to both Gallery visitors and a live online audience. The mission of our Brexit Division office is to reverse Brexit.

Our Story

We take our name and inspiration from Operation Earnest Voice, the US-sponsored campaign, whose purpose is to spread pro-American propaganda on social networking sites. The campaign relies on sockpuppets to comment and derail online conversations, with the goal of influencing and swaying the public opinion in any particular topic or theme. China has a similar operation called The 50th Party and Russia's is called The Internet Research Agency. Our office uses similar tools and strategies to influence and sway the public.

Our Team

Our team consists of 12 core employees, that have a wide range of expertise, from copy writers, image/meme makers, to programmers and social media strategists. During the 10th to the 13th of January, the 12 employees come together to work with one political goal in mind, to collaboratively develop a media narrative / campaign to reverse Brexit by using a wide range of tactics to manipulate the public opinion, and create new narratives that aim to disrupt the current political debate.

Meet Our Team

Jonas Lund


David Young

Operations Director

Alfie Bown

Political Strategies Specialist

Lisa Creagh

Copywriter / MP Specialist

Ophelia Taylor

Psychological Warfare Specialist

Paul Bille

Graphic Designer Lead

Sanna Hirvonen


Miranda Stocker

Youth Specialist

Tiffany Vitti

Social Media Manager & Image Maker Lead

Alan Mozes


Heather Hampson

Content Strategy & Trolling Specialist

Edwin Coomasaru

Brexit Specialist

Gina Power

Narrative Production Specialist

Katrina Sluis

Compliance Officer

Sam Mercer

CTO / Head of Broadcasting

Ioanna Zouli

Executive assistant

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Operation Earnest Voice: Brexit Division

In the second week of January, Operation Earnest Voice will set up its Brexit Division at The Photographers' Gallery in London. Come by for an in person visit or tune in here via the live stream.

  1. Brexit Division10th – 13th January, 2019
  2. Thursday 10th10:00-20:00
  3. Friday 11th10:00-18:00
  4. Saturday 12th10:00-18:00
  5. Sunday 13th11:00-18:00
  6. After Work Office Party
  7. Thursday 10th18:00–20:00 → RSVP →
  8. Press conference
  9. Friday 11th10:30–11:30
  10. Location
  11. The Photographers' Gallery
  12. 16-18 Ramillies St, Soho
  13. W1F 7LW, UK, London
  14. Normal Gallery admission fees apply. See The Photographers’ Gallery website for details.

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